J&F Mineração launches first Sustainability Report

J&F Mineração launched the company’s first Sustainability Report with the main initiatives, strategies and actions in the areas of environment, sustainability, production and investment of the mining company during 2023. The balance sheet also brings the goals for this year.

The sustainability agenda is among the priorities of the mining company, which recognizes the practice as one of the fundamental pillars for the valorization and sustainable growth of the business.

In addition, it cites as a commitment the implementation of tailings filtration to eliminate the need for a dam and the acquisition of new equipment to increase the energy efficiency of the works.

Currently, J&F Mineração operates with a water recirculation rate of approximately 65%. According to the report, the expectation is to reach 90% recirculation with the operation at full capacity of the filtration plant in 2024.

The goal is to do all the processing of the ore dry – currently, water is used to wash 20% of the production.

Job Creation

In 2023, J&F Mineração made significant investments in production, grew 156% compared to 2022 and expanded its workforce to approximately 1.3 thousand employees — added to the 900 employees already existing at the mining company.

During this time, J&F Mineração implemented an agile and unbureaucratic governance structure, started to hire all its employees directly and set the foundations for the growth of production, already underway.

Last year, the mining company invested R$ 800 million in the acquisition of new production plants, trucks, mine equipment and the adoption of new technologies, among others. Production was 2.7 million tons/year and wants to reach 50 million tons/year in the medium term.

In one year, J&F Mineração’s revenues reached R$ 3.3 billion, representing a significant growth of 150% compared to the previous year.


For 2024, the goal is to grow even more and focus on hiring local professionals. Corumbá, in Mato Grosso do Sul, is today one of the few Brazilian cities with a very low unemployment rate.

J&F Mineração wants to improve ESG reporting through sustainability reporting, conduct face-to-face and video training for all employees, and maintain sponsorships, donations and support to entities involved with our operations.

The mining company also aims to expand the fleet of large equipment, in addition to the energy efficiency of transportation. For example, 16 trucks with a capacity of 100 tons of cargo will replace 40 smaller trucks.

Read the full report.

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