Commitment to ethics

J&F considers ethics, transparency and integrity as fundamental pillars for the development of its business. Committed to complying with the best international practices and laws in force in the countries in which it operates, the Group has adopted a comprehensive Compliance Program and is fully committed to maintaining the highest standard of conduct in all its internal and external relationships, including interactions with management and public agents, as well as the private sector.

All companies that make up the J&F Group have a unique and rigorous Compliance Program, as well as a harmonized Code of Conduct and Ethics and whistleblowing channels managed by an external and independent company. The structure of the program applies equally to all companies.

The J&F Group’s Ethics Channel was established to provide employees, customers and business partners with a confidential and secure means of communication to report suspected or actual violations of the Code of Conduct and Ethics, current legislation, mission, values, beliefs, rules and internal procedures.

To ensure continuous improvement, training is applied to all hierarchical levels in the Group’s companies, reinforcing the importance of the Compliance Program, and disseminating frequently and equally important all anti-corruption policies in all countries in which the Group operates.

J&F considers ethics, transparency and integrity to be the fundamental pillars for the development of its business
All J&F Group companies have a single Compliance Program and a harmonized Code of Conduct and Ethics
The ethics channel operates 24 hours a day, with personal service from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm (Brasília time – Brazil)
+ of thousand hours
of good practice training.
+ of thousand people
trained in corruption prevention courses.

Pillars of J&F’s Compliance Program

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Whistleblowing and Investigation Channel

Our ethics channel is confidential, external and independent, available 24 hours a day to anyone, through phone, email and website, expanding your access as much as possible.

Commitment and support from senior management

We believe that in order to have a robust program and strengthen a culture of compliance and transparency, our leadership must be guardians and examples of integrity and ethics.

Due Diligence

Prior analysis and periodic review of third parties and business partners, whether individuals or legal entities, is essential to mitigate integrity risks in these relationships. This assessment avoids a relationship with companies or partners that may expose us to a deviation from the Code of Conduct or even legal risks.

Internal Controls

Internal controls establish the rules for the review and approval of activities, documentation, processing and recording of transactions, ensuring transparency and minimizing operational and compliance risks.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement goes beyond the expectations and requirements of the organization’s stakeholders, it also includes the constant changes in the market and technology. With this, Compliance faces a paradigm shift in the discovery of new tools, keeping alive the updating of policies and procedures so that they are aligned with laws, regulations and best practices, never failing to look to the future.

Risk Assessment

The foundation of the compliance program is a robust analysis of integrity and compliance risks. The process is carried out to understand our main weaknesses and guide the adoption of mitigation mechanisms appropriate to the relevance of any risks and their continuous monitoring.

Code of Conduct, Compliance Procedures Policies

The Code of Conduct is the reference document for all our business to be conducted in compliance with laws, ethics, integrity and transparency. It is the basis for relationships with government entities, public agents, suppliers, business partners and among the employees themselves.

Monitoring & Auditing

The effectiveness of the Compliance Program is measured by the performance of indicators divided into eight pillars. The monitoring of the execution of the programs by the controlled companies is constantly carried out by the Internal Audit and Compliance areas of the holding company.

Communications & Training

Codes, policies and procedures are ineffective if they are not known, mastered and experienced in the daily lives of all employees and business partners. For this reason, we invest heavily in communication and training of employees from the first day of work, strengthening the culture of integrity.


The information sent here is received by an independent and specialized company, with confidentiality and the appropriate treatment for each situation. For reasons of confidentiality of the channel, no details about the conduct of the investigation work will be given. However, in order for you to be able to track your occurrence, you will receive a protocol number that will allow you to check the status of the report.


Contact Us:

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Calls from other countries (collect): 55 11 2424 6013
Open 24 hours a day, with personal service from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm (Brasília time – Brazil)
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