J&F launches second edition of course to train professionals in Anti-Corruption Law

J&F launches another edition of the Seeds of Compliance program, an initiative that offers full scholarships for those who want to take the LEC course, the main platform in the area, on Anti-Corruption Law and Compliance. In the first edition of the program, more than 1.5 thousand applicants from all over the country, including public and private sector workers, to compete for the 60 scholarships offered in 2021.

The program created by J&F is not focused on the company’s employees and aims to spread a culture of compliance, regardless of the area of operation and thinking about companies of different sizes.

Among the participants in the first edition, 71% of those enrolled held a position that had some type of commercial interaction with the government and 61% had a postgraduate degree. Of the students approved in the program, there are legal advisors from public agencies, such as the Army, to law professors and executives from companies that began to implement the Compliance area after the course.

“At a time when companies are concerned about ESG, we want to reinforce how Compliance is essential to implement these policies and that it is up to the largest players in the market, such as J&F, to stimulate a healthy business environment outside their walls as well,” says Lucio Martins.

Those interested in participating in the training can register on the website: www.sementesdecompliance.com.br.

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