Importing energy by Âmbar can bring savings of up to R$ 1 billion per year in the electricity bill

Renewable energy generated in Venezuela will replace fossil sources at about half the current price

Âmbar Energia, a company of the J&F group, will start importing energy generated in Venezuela to Brazil in the coming weeks. The neighboring country’s electricity is from a renewable source and will replace, for about half the price, the fossil energy used today in the state of Roraima.

This milestone was reached after the completion of Venezuelan investments in the renovation and modernization of the transmission line that connects the neighboring country to Roraima, which was deactivated.

The energy offered will cost up to 50% less for Brazil than the fossil fuel thermal power plants that currently supply the state of Roraima. Âmbar’s authorization is to import up to 120 MWh, which will mean savings of up to R$ 1 billion per year in the electricity bill of Brazilians.

“We have structured a commercial operation that offers Brazil a new alternative to reduce energy costs in the country while contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by the Brazilian energy matrix,” says Marcelo Zanatta, president of Âmbar Energia.

In addition to Venezuela, Âmbar Energia already has authorization to import energy generated in Argentina and Uruguay, as well as a gas pipeline that connects Brazil to Bolivia and allows the import of gas directly from the neighboring country. “By including one more country in our operations, we consolidate our position as an agent of South American energy integration,” says Zanatta.

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