Canal Rural announces international expansion and signs partnership with Bolivia’s largest TV network

The union with Unitel will boost Bolivian agriculture

Canal Rural, a company controlled by the J&F group, the main communication platform specialized in agribusiness in Brazil, begins its international expansion. The station has just signed a partnership with Unitel, the largest television network in Bolivia, and launches the Rural Bolivia Channel, whose objective is to boost agriculture and food in Latin America through the transmission of Bolivian auctions and journalistic content.

In a pioneering and innovative way, Canal Rural lends all its knowledge in partnership with Unitel to provide the commercialization via TV of the auctions. In the future, the partnership aims to expand to other areas of agribusiness.

“The Bolivian audience was already accustomed to watching Brazilian auctions through the Canal Rural signal. Now with the partnership, all the content transmitted will be thinking about the Bolivian market, with the intention of further involving the cattle rancher and developing the local market. Unitel has the audience of this audience, which is the rural producer, and we, from Canal Rural, have the pioneering spirit of the format of commercialization of livestock, via auctions”, explains Plínio Queiroz, director of Livestock at Canal Rural.

The programming of Canal Rural Bolivia will be divided between the broadcast of Bolivian auctions and journalistic programming of Canal Rural, with emphasis on the programs Giro do Boi, Mercado e Cia and Rural Notícias, which will be broadcast via Canal Rural Brasil. The other programs will be Bolivian content. All auctions in the country will be broadcast on Lance Rural, YouTube, Facebook, website and app.

Unitel will complete the grid with the transmission of local content.

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