Flora concludes repositioning of its brands

In 2018, Flora, J&F’s home and personal care company, will complete its product renewal process and product repositioning in the market. Owner of renowned brands such as Minuano, Francis, Ox and Neutrox, the Company has been obtaining good results from its strategy to invest in quality and communication with consumers.

This year, the review process will be concluded with the launch of new versions of the Minuano detergent and disinfectant, which include differentials from competitors and will create new references for consumers. The improvement work began by the essentials: Listening to consumers about each brand’s strong points, innovating and returning the novelty for consumer’s approval.

The first product line to be relaunched was Francis, in 2016, and gained attention on market shelves and greater acceptance when it adopted floral essential oils, an attribute admired by the product’s female consumers. After this first step was taken, Ox and Neutrox were also presented to the market with new packaging and more quality attributes. All brands were relaunched focusing on peculiarities that were already present in their original formulas: Neutrox – deep moisturizing conditioner, and Ox – long lasting beauty, what is essential prevails.

Results from these investments have been notable. Ox, for example, reported a 40% growth in 2016 and 30% growth in 2017. Figures are also positive for Neutrox, whose sales grew 45% in 2017. In 2018, Flora intends to continue innovating, both its products and processes.